The Types of Plastic Surgery

A lot of people are curious about just what types of plastic surgery are available to them. There are actually dozens of different procedures that you can choose from. In reality if there is any part of your body that you are not happy about you can probably have it changed surgically. That being said there are some procedures that are more common than others and these are the ones that will be discussed below.

There are all kinds of different types of plastic surgery since you can pretty much have any part of your body changed. That being said all of the procedures fall into one of just a few categories. The first of these would be procedure to change the shape of your face. The most common procedure here would be rhinoplasty which is used to change the shape of your nose. However you can also have the shape of your eyes, ears, chin or cheek bones changed if you want. In fact you can have your entire face changed if that is something that appeals to you.

The second broad category of plastic surgery are procedures that are done to change the shape of your body. Far and away the most common of these would be a breast enhancement. However there are plenty of other types of surgery. For example you can have breasts reduced if you want or you can have implants placed in your buttock or you calves. A tummy tuck would be another common type of plastic surgery that you can have in order to change the appearance of your body.

The next category of plastic surgery would be procedures to reduce the effects of aging. The classic example here would be a facelift however again there a lots of others. There are things like chemical peels, and laser treatments to remove wrinkles or liver spots. You may also want to think about things like a Botox injection. These types of procedures are fairly common due to the desire that most people have to continue to look young. They also tend to be the most minor procedures which makes it a lot easier for people to choose to have them done.

The last type of plastic surgery would be the procedures that are designed to help you to lose weight. A liposuction would be the most common type in this category. This category also includes procedures that may or may not be considered plastic surgery. This would be things like having a gastric band placed on you to reduce the amount that you eat. While this is often a cosmetic procedure it is not really considered to be plastic surgery by a lot of people. Which brings up the important point that there is a lot of grey area as to just what is and what is not plastic surgery.

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